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[May. 13th, 2008|10:15 am]
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Rained fairly steadily for a few days. Power went out Sunday evening... my computer was not too pleased when it woke up Monday. Managed to get it sorted out, but was still a little frustrating. In any case... the road in to work was flooded.

It's actually a kinda amusing section of the road. When you first ride by it, you think they're crazy. There are posted signs that say "Flooded when flashing" or some such, but there are no lights to flash. They cart out some signs that have lights when it's flooded, though.

It was flooded in three places yesterday morning (and it was still raining steadily), so that was fun. Was rather drenched and didn't get to bring my book, so was bored at lunch. Went out and picked up a few things from the store... snagged this CD from Paramore, also grabbed a couple DVDs. Have been wanting 7even on DVD for a while, so got that and another near it that looked interesting.

Went to a professional group meeting thing after work (.NET users group). That was kinda interesting, though I don't really know much about .NET, so was a little lost. Was on AJAX in .NET. In any case... ended up getting a book out of going, so that was kinda nifty.

Oh, went and saw Iron Man over the weekend. Definitely recommend it if you haven't seen it already, very cute movie. On the whole I enjoyed :)

Really looking forward to Dark Knight, saw the third teaser in the movie. Mmmm.

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From: ashtariDate: May 13th, 2008 - 03:53 pm(Link)
From: nylanDate: May 13th, 2008 - 04:27 pm(Link)
I don't know, I wasn't watching it really closely to be quite honest. The flooding is the only thing I'm aware of. We did have some lightning hit close by... and lost power, but then it seems like we lose power any time there's a brisk breeze out. I swear we have an Amish power company.

Thanks for the thoughts, though :)

So how're things? Haven't really gotten to chat with you much, miss ya.