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[Oct. 9th, 2008|09:24 am]
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Saw an interview last night, Michelle Obama was on Larry King Live. Most of it was pretty benign, but there was a section in there that really resonated with me. When she was talking about their campaign efforts to get out the vote... obviously, every campaign has an interest in getting people to not just support them, but to actualy go out to the polls and vote for them. But she wasn't talking about it just as a means to win a campaign, she was talking about it as a means to envigorate people and call them to become more actively involved in democracy, to take a more active and more involved role.

Whoever you support, there's a good lesson in that, I think. It's amazing that in this information age we seem to be so much less involved and cognizant of the issues that face our country and our world. In some ways I think things are getting worse. We've always been mildly ignorant about what goes on with the government, but to some degree I think we've always recognized it. Anymore, with 24-hour news coverage and such, we get just enough sound bites to think we know what's going on. To think we're informed. And often there is a pronounced bias in the media outlets, either to the left or to the right, that leaves us thinking the course should be readily apparent and the politicians in Washington must just be stupid not to see it.

Don't fall into that. Look into things, research for yourself, find out the truth of the situation, think about what you believe and make your own decision.

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From: wndrdrDate: October 9th, 2008 - 04:29 pm(Link)
you wanna know something strange?

I am what... 45? And never voted in my life.. I CAN vote.. I am registered..

but i do not KNOW HOW!

bah.. i dont know how

From: nylanDate: October 9th, 2008 - 05:00 pm(Link)
Missouri, right?

Can find out where your polling place is from the second link, then on election day you go there, fill out the ballot and you're golden. First link has detailed info on how to vote, with links to documents detailing it.

If you can't go on election day, there are ways to register for absentee ballots, I'm not sure exactly how that is done, but can certainly do it. You could also ask some of your coworkers or your boss what the policy is at your job on that, I think a lot of places will let workers take some time to go vote... but then maybe I'm spoiled, what with working for the government and such.

If I'm crazy on the state and you're elsewhere, let me know and I can look up info for where you want. If you'd like, can maybe chat on AIM some evening and walk through the automated website if you're having trouble.

Also, if I'm right about you being in Missouri, might be interested to know that Missouri is shaping up to be a battleground state this year. Meaning each vote has the potential to actually matter in the presidential election. Latest poll average for the state has Obama up by .3%, and he's been trending positively of late so he might be up by a point or two. But certainly going to be a close election, and you have the potential to actually change the outcome with your vote. Missouri has 11 electoral votes, so that could be important.

And, of course... it's always important to vote for your local representation, to make sure accurately representing your values and views. Think we've seen of late that the House and Senate are both important.